The end of the world doesn't have to be so bad...

We're going to build a bunker and fund it through the token economy, lootbox and lottery games for access to The Bunker, as well as a post apocalyptic animation. Clear milestones, targets and roadmaps are laid out by a team of verifiable builders that saw returns close to 1000x in their last project, with nearly 10m in the LP and a 300m market cap that's still going strong after a 2 year brutal bear market. With the way the world is going, you know full well what we're doing is essential. Even if you have a bomb shelter already, it won't be as good as having thousands of people to preserve the human race with. We're combining utility, memes and humanitarianism to capture the attention of the world and show what can actually be accomplished through the power of crypto communities. You see, it's not the blockchain that's so wonderful, it's us, the people that use it, for what value is there in code without users? What this technology does is allow humans to trade or combine our resources towards accomplishing a common goal instantly, globally and immutably for the first time in history. It's important to note that a lot of what we post is satire, tongue in cheek or intentionally provoking. We are not here to fear-monger nor divide, and only push provocative narratives or leverage trends in order to highlight the importance of preparedness. People of all wings, creeds, colours and orientations are equal & welcome here with open arms. All you need is a good sense of humour and humility. We're all just little specs in the fabric of time and The Bunker is a place of peace & prosperity for all. Loving our country & people doesn't mean hating others. Better safe than sorry is our motto, and it's hard to disagree in times like these. Especially when we've made it so easy!


None of the above constitutes investment advice or solicitation, only ever risk what you can afford to lose as you could lose it all. $BOOM tokens come with no guarantees other than access to bunker plots. Construction of The Bunker is reliant on revenue generated via developments, donations and hitting roadmap milestones. Nothing is promised other than blood, sweat and tears to protect our families and preserve life on earth.

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