🪖Official Roles

Who will you elect this November?

Founder Kane Mousah - Leading the project is Bellator star & owner of BADR, a top high-street sport/fashion brand.

Advisors A.K.A Founding Fathers Mike Hales - Founder of First Class, a leading TikTok partner agency. Malik Jan - Founder of DeHub, which he grew a near 1000x to 300m MC in 2021. Harry Gill - Founder of RAPZ, merged with NGNE sports, a top fighting brand partnered with the likes of Tony Bellew.

No token allocation was reserved for the founding fathers and we did this for the sheer need. In true decentralised fashion, and the only way this bunker would ever work, the holders will be voting who holds key roles. Whether it's the biggest buyers or notable public figures you want to spend the rest of time with, the decision is down you, the holders. The founding fathers will hold 2% of the total supply & be revealed in Phase 4.

To be duly elected by token holders -President of The Bunker 33% of the team allocation

-Vice President of The Bunker 22% of the team allocation

-Chief Justice 10% of the team allocation -Secretary of The Treasury 10% of the team allocation

-Secretary of Agriculture 9% of the team allocation -Secretary of Defence 8% of the team allocation -Chief of Staff 8% of the team allocation -Speaker of the House of Representatives 6% of the team allocation

-Secretary of Vibes 4% of the team allocation Election Dates The inaugural election for all titles will be held in January 2024 and candidates are required to share their campaign trailer on X prior to January 5th at 23:59 UTC using the hashtag #BunkerPolls

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