🛣️Roadmap & Milestones

Every step of the way

Roadmap The phases of development for The Bunker are split into 4 along with the required revenue goals. Phase 1: Establish company & partners

Phase 2: Token Generation Event (TGE) & listings

Phase 3: Governance polls & plot sales

Phase 4: Construction & population Revenue Milestones $6.9k The Big Reveal: Founders Doxx $42k Lootbox & Lucky Draw Games $69k Trailer for Animated Series $100k

Architectural plans & renders $333k Doomsday d'app release with abstracted onboarding, exchange & fiat gateways $500k Boomsday production $1m

Acquire The Bunker land & establish HQ on-site for citizens & crew to organise & prepare $2m Bunker Phase 1 commences construction $3m Main Event: The Dog Park $4.2069m Bunking Off Festival $6.9m Donate $250,000 to the Donald Trump campaign or office $25m Major Rally $50m Complete build, populate with first citizens & commence living trials $100m

The Bunker II $150m The Bunker III $205m The Bunker III $260m The Bunker IV $330m The Bunker V

$410m The Bunker VI $500m The Bunker VII $600m The Bunker VIII $750m The Bunker IX $1000M The Bunker X

Audit & Tracking Revenue Wallet: bombshelterinu.eth Revenue & Spend Tracking: https://rev.bombshelterinu.com

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